Bio-Linux 8.0.8

We are pleased to announce a point release of Bio-Linux 8.0.8 that can be downloaded from:


This release is based on the work done by Will McCaffery to update and improve Tim Booth’s “build-bio-linux” scripts during a summer internship with me at the University of Aberdeen and I want to thank Will for his valuable contribution to Bio-Linux.

Tony Travis.

Release notes:

The Bio-Linux 8.0.8 point release contains an updated Linux kernel to improve support for modern WiFi chipsets in particular and all the packages have been updated. This release is mainly intended to improve the use of Bio-Linux on a USB-stick or DVD. However, the 8.0.8 release also has “mdadm” pre-installed to make installation and rescue of Bio-Linux instances on “md” RAID simpler.

PLEASE NOTE: Bio-Linux 8.0.7 instances installed to hard disk do NOT need to be updated using the Bio-Linux 8.0.8 point release. Bio-Linux is normally configured for unattended upgrades of core packages and will be upgraded automatically in situ. A manual update will be necessary to upgrade ALL packages installed:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade


The Bio-Linux 8.0.8 point release was created using Tim Booth’s “build-bio-linux” scripts updated and modified by Will McCaffery and Tony Travis:


A computer-literate biologist with more than thirty years experience of developing and using High Performance Computing techniques for biological research, including analysis of NGS RNAseq data, de-novo assembly and annotation of first and second generation DNA sequence data and the analysis of biological images. Experienced in construction and administration of Beowulf clusters for computationally demanding work, and creating distributed infrastructure for data sharing and bioinformatics within geographically dispersed virtual organisations.
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    The Bio Linux has been released and I am really excited to install it on my system. As I have looked at the features of it and really interesting features.

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