iEOS2015 – Post-meeting Workshop – Analyzing environmental DNA with Bio-Linux on the EOS Cloud – #iEOS2015

Analyzing environmental DNA with Bio-Linux on the EOS Cloud (T. Booth, CEH Wallingford)(up to 20 participants)

In this half-day workshop, led by Bio-Linux developer Tim Booth, you will get an introduction to how cloud computing technology can be used for day-to-day bioinformatics.  There will be a hands-on session, based around a simple microbial diversity analysis, working on the new EOS Cloud system.  Attendees will benefit from some prior experience working on Linux systems.


Additional details of workshop

Heavy metals are essential for life, however, paradoxically exploitation of land for mineral extraction and manufacturing industry results in the release of large quantities of heavy metals that can be toxic to the natural environment. My research portfolio is designed to exploit state-of-the-art genomic, proteomic and metabolomic techniques to study the mechanisms by which biological systems handle heavy metals assessing: their impact as pollutants, their involvement in disease and the basic mechanisms by which they are bound within biological systems.

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