#iEOS2016 Been a little distracted recently? Don’t worry we’re giving you the weekend.

Abstract submission is now open! 

Abstract submission deadline is extended to Monday 27 June (11am Central European Time).

Authors are invited to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation by Monday 27 June (11am Central European Time)  The Scientific Committee will select accepted abstracts by Thursday 14 July.


Enter the abstract submission module and fill in all the required details.

For questions about abstracts and scientific programme please contact roel.evens@setac.org


The scientific programme consists of 7 sessions. Have a look at the descriptions before submitting your abstract:


Session 1: Environmental and archeological omics

Session 2: Microbial genomics and metagenomics

Session 3: Evolutionary and ecological omics

Session 4: (Eco)toxicological omics

Session 5: Epigenetics in ecology and (eco)toxicology: science and technology

Session 6: Transgenerational and epigenetic effects of chemicals

Session 7: Poster abstracts only! Epigenetics in risk assessment: Academia, industry and  regulator perspectives 


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