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<p”>Two training workshops will be organized on Thursday 15 September, 13:30-16:00.

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  • Analysis and Interpretation of Epigenomic Data
  • Analysis of Transcriptomics Data and Modeling

Analysis & Interpretation of Epigenomic Data


Organizer: Dr. Jana Asselman (GhenToxLab,www.ecotox.ugent.be) & NXTGNT sequencing center (http://www.nxtgnt.ugent.be)


Course Content:

  1. Experimental design of epigenomic research for different epigenomic technologies
  2. Epigenomic research with non-model organisms or organisms without a reference genome
  3. Quality analysis of epigenomic data
  4. Introduction to data analysis software and tools
  5. Hands-on training on data processing of epigenomic data in R


The course will introduce participants to different epigenomic technologies (including bisulfite sequencing and MBD sequencing) and how to apply these in their own research. It will briefly discuss experimental design considerations, particularly for participants working without reference genomes. Next, participants will be introduced in quality analysis, data analysis and commonly used software. The course will conclude with a hands-on training session in R in which partcipants will learn how to statistically analyze epigenomic data.



Participation to these training sessions is included in the meeting registration fee; tickets are available on a first comefirst served basis (!) and should be ordered when registering.

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