STFC/NERC Environmental Working Groups

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    STFC/NERC Environmental Synthesis Working Groups

Working Groups


EOS has established ‘working groups’ to meet challenges of a changing world-embracing interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral co-operation. The working groups align with the STFC science programs to address the three pillars of the NERC delivery plan; Benefiting natural resources, Resilience to natural hazards; and, Managing environmental change. The working groups will develop shared goals with the NERC community with the skills and facilities supported by STFC whilst being informed by key stakeholder priorities. The overarching aim is to deliver innovative solutions to address environmental challenges and realise the real-world impact.

Too read more about these working groups: http://environmentalomics.org/nercstfc-environmental-synthesis-working-groups-summary/

Date: June 11, 2019