EOS Cloud Overview

Big Data handling for NERC Researchers

The EOS Cloud is a facility for NERC researchers to handle large ‘omic datasets and to run analyses on virtualised machines or containerised environments that they control, primarily Bio-Linux 8 instances.

The primary installation is within the JASMIN2 super data cluster facility at RAL. A second facility is hosted at QMUL as part of APOCRITA. In true “cloud” fashion, users will be able to move their work between the two, subject to the constraints of moving large datasets across the network.

As of June 2015, you may apply for an account on the EOS Cloud system if you meet both the following criteria:

  1. You have NERC project funding or else a direct affiliation with EOS.
  2. You are an exiting user of Bio-Linux or Docker.


Registered users will given their own hosted virtual machine and allocated computing credits that can be spent on CPU and memory resources within the cloud system.  For more details of how these are used see the technical information links below.

Currently the EOS Cloud offers scalable Desktop-as-a-Service hosting of Bio-Linux   In more advanced mode, if future funds become available for us to add these features, we envision enabling our users to deploy cluster jobs, request other temporary resources within the cloud, import/export whole VMs to their own systems and “cloudburst” jobs to commercial providers.

Applying for Access

During this capacity-building phase, in 2015-2016, there will be no cost associated with access to the cloud facilities.  If you would like to make use of the system and meet the criteria above please contact Tim Booth to discuss your needs and set up an account.

Documentation and Technical Info

For details of how you access the EOS Cloud and what you can actually do on the system:


EOS Cloud on Apocrita (info to be added soon)