International Environmental ‘Omics Synthesis Conference

iEOS2016 to be held in Ghent in week starting 12th September 2016 This years meeting is being held in partnership with a SETAC special topic meeting entitled: Environmental and (eco)toxicological Omics and Epigenetics As with previous years the aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and organisations from a range of disciplines with shared interests in the development of new approaches for d
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Discipline Hopping

Applications are invited for a Discipline-Hopping Scheme to deliver part of the NERC Mathematics & Informatics for Environmental ‘Omic Data Synthesis (‘Omics) Research Programme. The aim of these awards is to allow environmental science researchers to gain experience within a mathematics and informatics arena by ‘hopping’ into a range of partner organisations with specialist expertise and/or to encourage those wi
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STFC/NERC Futures Network

he overarching objective of the network is to build bridges between STFC and NERC scientists in bioinformatics and environmental ‘Omics.  This network will be co-aligned with the establishment of the new NERC Environmental ‘Omics Synthesis Centre (EOS). This programme will support targeted biannual workshops over the next three years with the intension to seed spin-off interdisciplinary collaborations between the two
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his workshop will provide a forum for sharing and exploring training experiences, collaborative ideas and best practice in themes that are pivotal to modern data-rich biology: including bioinformatics, computational biology and computing. The workshop will allow participants to connect with each other at a variety of levels, and will help to establish a long-term community of trainers. This workshop has been develope
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