Sponsorship announcement for #iEOS2013. Gold sponsors Thermo Fisher Scientific and Cambio and Bronze sponsor BGI tech.

Sponsorship Announcement for iEOS2013

iEOS2013 would like to announce sponsorship from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Cambio and BGI tech. These companies represent leaders in the field of ‘Omics instrumentation, excellence in molecular biology and pre-eminence in Genomics service provision. We are are very grateful for their sponsorship and encourage all attending the conference to come and learn about about how these companies are providing the tools and technical innovations to support and underpin ‘Omics research.

Gold Sponsors.


blue cambio excl

Bronze Sponsors.


Heavy metals are essential for life, however, paradoxically exploitation of land for mineral extraction and manufacturing industry results in the release of large quantities of heavy metals that can be toxic to the natural environment. My research portfolio is designed to exploit state-of-the-art genomic, proteomic and metabolomic techniques to study the mechanisms by which biological systems handle heavy metals assessing: their impact as pollutants, their involvement in disease and the basic mechanisms by which they are bound within biological systems.

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